IBM PC Compatible Computer Project

Back when I was in middle school, I got to experience my first IBM PC. (Yeah, I’m getting older.) Our Typing Class had four IBM PC Computers (Model 5150). These large beige boxes included dual 5.25″ floppy drives, glowing green monochrome monitor and that wonderfully clicky IBM Model F keyboard.

Fast forward thirty-five years and I am seeing a lot of interest on YouTube around classic hardware. This has spurred me on to want to recreate the experience of using an original IBM PC. (Also the fact that I inherited a number of chips used in the original IBM PC and I should to do something productive with them.) However, being an electronics engineer, I want to take the long, hard way of doing things. So let’s design and build our own IBM PC compatible computer from scratch. (Well not quite from scratch, IBM did does most of the work already.)

Follow me as I try to learn the in and outs of the IBM PC’s hardware and software and attempt to recreate the system from scratch. Let’s see if we can really make this happen.