HV Bench Power Supply


  • 25V to 500V Output
  • 1mA to 500 mA Output
  • Constant Voltage & Constant Current Modes accurate to within 1V/1mA.
  • Digital Screen for setting/reading voltage/current.
  • Instant-on and Soft-start load switching.
  • Preset memories.
  • Simple data logging.
  • Web server for configuring/remote control.


In my quest to design a Hi-Fi amplifier, I find myself in need of a high voltage power supply.  I wanted something with enough capacity to run one channel of my amp at full tilt to measure its performance but that had current limiting so I do not needlessly destroy expensive components.  So I hit some of the on-line test equipment sites only to find that the only HV supplies I can afford do go high enough and the ones that do I cannot afford.  Heck, I even searched eBay for something that might meet my needs.  (I found one for a reasonable price, but I wonder how safe it is.)  Which brings us to here.  I believe it is possible for me to design and build what I need for less money than the eBay unit while ensuring that everything is properly wired and safe.