Electronics Calculator



I need a good engineering calculator at two locations: my computer desk and my workbench.  I have been dragging my good ol’ TI-85 with me but keep leaving it one of those locations which forces me to take a walk to retrieve what I should have carried with me from the beginning.  So I had an idea… Buy another calculator.  Since the TI-85 isn’t made anymore I looked at some alternatives.  I was going to stay with TI since I am familiar with their input methods (so I thought).  I also wanted to stay with a graphing calculator.  I hardly use the graphing capabilities, but I like having a small history of my calculations.  Plus I thought a back-lit screen would be kind of a neat feature as well.  So I settled on a TI-84 Plus CE since a lot of reviews called it a “spiritual successor to the TI-85”.  Well I’m hear to tell you, nothing could be farther from the truth.  The TI-84 Plus CE is