Electronic Load


  • High Voltage Operation (up to 500V)
  • High Current Capability (up to 50A)
  • Two Voltage Modes (0-50V/0-500V)
  • Two Current Modes (0-5A/0-50A)
  • Voltage Accuracy (1mV at 50V/100mV at 500V)
  • Current Accuracy (0.1mA at 5A/1mA at 50A)
  • Low Burden Voltage (below 200mV)
  • Fully Isolated Inputs
  • High Speed Capabilities (better then 10K operations/second)
  • External IO Connection (possibly integrated web server)
  • Data Logging to SD Card


In designing my HV Bench Power Supply, it seemed like a good idea to have an electronic load in order to test the abilities of the power supply before putting into full time operation.  Of course, like everything else, I couldn’t find a used one that handled high voltages for a decent price and I can’t afford a new one.  So…to the drawing board.