Benchtop Multimeter


  • Voltage Measurement (100μV to 1000V)
  • Current Measurement (100uA to 10A)
  • Power Measurement (Watts, VA, Power Factor)
  • Resistance Measurement (2 or 4-wire, 0.001Ω to 100MΩ)
  • Capacitance Measurement
  • Inductance Measurement
  • Diode / Transistor Test and Measurement (Including Characteristic Curves)
  • 5-Digit (99,999 Count) Resolution
  • Auto / Manual Ranging
  • Selectable Input Impedance
  • Ability to measure frequencies above 100KHz.
  • Data logging.
  • Isolated inputs.


Just to see if I can.  I would also use this a learning experience towards building my own oscilloscope.  Plus, I have always wanted a feature-rich multimeter that could replace a few pieces of equipment at a single shot.  For most of what I do, extreme accuracy is not a must.  I would like to have something easy to use and with very fast response.  I understand that I can in now way build something cheaper and more accurate than what you can purchase, but I’d like to try.