Ubuntu 16.04 Server Installation

  1. Boot the Ubuntu 16.04 Server media.
  2. Select your preferred language.
  3. On the installation boot menu, press the F4 key to bring up the installation mode menu.  Select “Install a minimal system” and hit Enter.Ubuntu 16.04 Server - Install Mode
  4. Select “Install Ubuntu Server” to begin the installation process.Ubuntu 16.04 Server - Install Menu
  5. Select your preferred system language.Ubuntu 16.04 Server - Install Language
  6. Select your location.Ubuntu 16.04 Server - Install Region
  7. On the “Configure the Keyboard” screen, I select “No” and then select my particular layout on the next screen.Ubuntu 16.04 Server - Install Keyboard DetectUbuntu 16.04 Server - Install Keyboard LayoutUbuntu 16.04 Server - Install Keyboard Layout 2
  8. Enter the hostname for your server.  I personally use “MYTHTV-SERVER” but you can assign any unique name on your network.Ubuntu 16.04 Server - Install Hostname
  9. Now we add the initial user’s account to the system.  The first screen is the “friendly” version of the user name.  (eg, John Smith)  The second screen is the account name.  (eg, johns).  The next two screens set the password and verify the password.Ubuntu 16.04 Server - Install User Full NameUbuntu 16.04 Server - Install User Account NameUbuntu 16.04 Server - Install User Verify PasswordUbuntu 16.04 Server - Install User Set Password
  10. When asked if you wish to “Encrypt your home directory”, select “No”.Ubuntu 16.04 Server - Install Encrypt Home
  11. Verify that your time zone is set correctly.  If it is select “Yes” to continue.  If it is not correct, select “No” and select the appropriate entry on the next screen. (Not pictured here.)Ubuntu 16.04 Server - Install TimeZone Correct
  12. When asked for which partitioning method to use, select “Guided – use entire disk”.Ubuntu 16.04 Server - Partition Method
  13. Select the appropriate drive.Ubuntu 16.04 Server - Install Select HDD
  14. The installer will automatically partition the drive for you and then show the results.  A large bulk of the capacity will be assigned to your “/” location and only a small portion reserved for a swap file.  If everything looks correct, select “Finish partitioning and write changes to disk” and then select “Yes” to write the changes to the disk.Ubuntu 16.04 Server - Install Partition FinishUbuntu 16.04 Server - Install Partition Finish Confirm
  15. When asked for your proxy information, just hit Enter to bypass.  (Unless your setup requires it.)Ubuntu 16.04 Server - Install Proxy
  16. When asked how to manage the updates, select “No automatix updates”.  (In the past, I have found that some updates can break the system…especially with tuner cards.)Ubuntu 16.04 Server - Install Update Config
  17. Under software selection, I disable all but “OpenSSH server”.  (I use it to access my setup remotely.)Ubuntu 16.04 Server - Install Package Select
  18. Select “Yes” to install the Grub boot loader.  Pick the same drive that you selected in step #13.Ubuntu 16.04 Server - Install Grub DriveUbuntu 16.04 Server - Install Grub
  19. When the installation is complete, select “Continue”.Ubuntu 16.04 Server - Install Finished

The computer should automatically reboot.  If all went well, you should be greeted with a login prompt.