Watch Is Still On Hold

I put the Smart Calculator Watch project on hold a while ago when Cypress announced that they would be coming out with their PSoC 6 chip.  Since this chip has greater performance and lower power consumption, I felt it prudent to wait and evaluate the new chip.

A “Smarter” Watch


For over 20 years I have been carrying my beloved Casio calculator watch on my wrist.  Alas, time and abuse have taken their toll and my beloved watch ceased operation.  Originally I was going to replace it with a Casio Databank watch, but their evolution of functionality seemed to have stagnated for the last 10 years.  I also looked into smart watches but their price and dependency on being linked to a cell phone was a major drawback for me.  So I replaced my trusty Casio CA-53W calculator watch with another one.  (Thankfully Casio still makes them…and their relatively inexpensive.)


This fueled my inner engineer to see if it is possible to make a “smarter” watch.  I am looking at designing something that has greater functionality than my calculator watch and even the databank watches, yet maintains independence from requiring a smart phone.  (Although I might give it the ability to link with a phone, it just wouldn’t require it.)

You can find project details here.