Site Reorganization Ahead

I’m finding Worpress to be a double-edged sword.  On one hand, it has a nice WYSIWYG interface for creating blog posts and pages which is certainly easier than manually coding HTML. I also like the indexing and page manipulation/organization capabilities making it very easy to move stuff around without causing “404  Errors”.

On the other hand…
I am finding it difficult to get certain ideas onto the site.  I can’t seem to manipulate the menu system like I want it. Also, sometimes it will just not let me format the page to my vision. And charts/tables, they are non existent unless you install a 3rd party plugin.

I am doing a re-think on the layout of this site. I don’t want to ditch WordPress because it does make content very easy to enter. I guess I have to adjust my ideas to fit the system rather than force the system to accept my ideas. Be prepared for some layout changes as I try to wrap me head around the limitations of WordPress.