One Thing Leads To Another

A project I was set on doing was my 100W/channel Hi-Fi Amplifier.  But it has snowballed into 3 projects now and some new test equipment.

While designing my amp I find that I need a current limited 500V power supply.  Well, there aren’t too many affordable ones out there.  Check that…there arn’t any any affordable ones.  So I started designing and building my own.  I wanted to verify the accuracy of the current meter/limited and see how it works under different loads.  So now I need a electronic load for testing.  Again, there aren’t any decent affordable loads so now I have to design and build one.  The list keeps growing.

I also just purchased some “new to me” (used) multimeters.  I currently have three meters (Metex, Tenma, UNI-T) and they all give wildly different readings on the same signal.  So I just ordered (2x) GW Instek GDS-8142 (4-1/2 digit) and (1x) Keithly 2015 (6-1/2 digit).  The GW Instek were just about being given away (~$20 ea) but the Keithly made up for it at $650.  I hope this stuff works better then my current crap.