My name is Brian Christian and I would like to welcome you to The BC Factor.

I created The BC Factor site for two reasons:  To have a “live” resume available for future employers and to share my knowledge and discoveries with anyone having similar interests.

The primary purpose for this site is to advertise a comprehensive collection of my knowledge, skills and work history to potential employers.  While the abridged versions of my submitted resumes may get noticed, I feel that they do not do justice in communicating the benefits that I can bring to an organization.  Thus, I created this site so that I could have a highly detailed and comprehensive listing of my experiences and capabilities.

The secondary purpose of this site is to make available the knowledge and experiences that I have obtained over the years.  I am sure that the information I have researched and compiled are not just beneficial to me, but are probably useful to others with similar interests.  This site is designed as a conduit for making such information available to all who may be seeking it.

Hopefully, while you peruse this site, you will learn a little about your hobbies and interests, learn a little about me and generally have an enjoyable experience.



-Brian Christian